Bethlehem Foundation

Mission Statement
“The sole purpose of this Foundation is to advance the facilities and programs of Bethlehem Lutheran Church…”

What is the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Foundation?
The Bethlehem Lutheran Foundation Fund is a vital component of the ministry of Bethlehem Lutheran Church by providing an annual income stream that is “beyond the offering plate” to supplement the many ministries of Bethlehem Lutheran Church. The Foundation was established in 1986 as a separately incorporated non-profit entity that grows primarily through donations and bequests. Gifts to the Foundation are held in an endowment fund. The contributed principle is invested and only the earnings are used to support the mission of Bethlehem Lutheran Church. No money will be used for the operating expenses of the church.

Our endowment has been built by the gifts of faithful church members and others to strengthen the work of the church. These donors recognize the opportunity to give a gift that keeps giving, because investment returns magnify the impact of the original gifts.

How is the Fund Administered?
The fund is administered by a seven member board, including the Church Council President and six members elected by the congregation who are responsible for managing and investing the funds. The investment objective is to provide the long-term growth of assets in the fund. The principle is held permanently to generate an annual earnings stream that grows over time. This creates a gift that continues to give year after year, to support and expand the mission and ministry of Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

How Can I Help?
Why should I consider making a gift to Bethlehem Lutheran Foundation?

  • To memorialize loved ones
  • As an expression of gratitude and appreciation felt towards Bethlehem Lutheran congregation.
  • As a legacy gift to support the mission and ministry of Bethlehem Lutheran Church now and into the future.

How will my gifts be used?

  • To support special ministries
  • To provide scholarships for kids to attend Bible camp
  • To support youth mission trips and programs
  • To provide scholarships and support for seminary students
  • To enhance facilities

Make a Legacy Gift
Legacy gifts are gifts of our lifetime that provide for mission and ministry for years to come. There are several ways to make a legacy gift to the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Foundation.

  • Cash gift
  • Stocks, bonds, and real estate
  • Wills and charitable trusts (estate planning)
  • Beneficiary of a retirement plan assets and distributions
  • Beneficiary of a life insurance policy

Checks should be written to the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Foundation and can be mailed or dropped off at the church, or visit our website at and click on “donate” to give electronically.

Is my contribution to the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Foundation Tax Deductible?
The Bethlehem Lutheran Church Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. For tax implications, please consult your tax specialist.

For more information contact the church office.