Bethlehem Foundation

Mission Statement
“The sole purpose of this Foundation is to advance the facilities and programs of Bethlehem Lutheran Church…”  

The Bethlehem Foundation Fund, Inc. is a non-profit corporation.The growth of the Fund is primarily due to donations and bequests. Interest only is used for the mission statement purpose. The Foundation Board meets quarterly throughout the year to determine how funds are utilized.  

It is within the authority of the Board of Directors to accept donations, gifts, and bequests that come with conditions pertaining to the use and management of such assets. The Foundation can and will accept gifts and bequests with certain conditions attached but such acceptance is at the discretion of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  

To confirm support of a Christian higher education, the Foundation Fund Board of Directors has committed to award scholarships to those members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church who are attending a college of the ELCA. The amount of the scholarship awards will be determined by the Board each year.  Scholarship eligibility requires membership in the congregation and full time student status at an ELCA college. The support is given for a maximum of four years, consecutive years not required.   

There is long list of project support, facility enhancement, office and staff equipment, computer service, music equipment, and program/ministry support that has been given in the recent years. The gifts that are given to the Bethlehem Foundation truly are the gifts that keep on giving!